QCB kicks off the Fall with a new responsive website

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The QCB Board asked long-time QCB supporter, STCcreatives.com to come up with a new responsive word press site to take the organization into the next decade. Working over the summer, the new site needed to continue reflecting the boards position for the next ten years but had to include archive sites and files from as far back as 2004. It also had to conform to the many new display requirements such as: mobiles, tablets and computers.

“Designing a site for an organization that is highly pro-active in the Quayside community and that represents the entire Quayside strata’s/co-op housing (over 2000) and their thousands of owners/tenants, was a pleasure to work on”, noted Paul R. Thompson, owner of New West based STCcreatives.com. I have worked with the QCB (the largest residents’ association in the City) doing various marketing projects for them over the past 10 years. I set up the first html site in 2006, so it was a positive challenge to take the new site to the next level.

STCcreatives has been in full service marketing for over three decades and has won many international awards and recognition’s for his innovative work. His office is located at 239 Sixth Street, New West. “The best part of being so established internationally, my own site still says ‘Under Construction’, Thompson says smiling. “I have been so busy for so many years building great marketing platforms for clients, that I haven’t had time to do one for myself”, Paul concludes. Thanks to word of mouth and quality work, it is apparent that he doesn’t have to.

We hope you will enjoy the new site and all its features. If you have any comments (good or bad – we can take it) on how we can improve the site we are eager to hear from you. You can email us at comments@quaysideboard.com and we will be glad to take them into consideration.