A QUAY WINTER: Still a Beautiful Sight

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The beginning of December started with a composite of grey sky, blustering winds, busy roads and snow…and plenty of it! By the time Christmas Eve rolled around, it was no great surprise to see those large white flakes once again making their way slowly down to cover everything in its path.

By the time Boxing Day was over, the Quay looked like it was covered with over a foot of snow. From road to boardwalk, the Quay was a blanket of white with scarcely a moving car or person to be seen. Some hearty souls wondered out into this foreign landscape to build snowmen or snigeons (snow pigeons) as a coping mechanism for cabin fever and too much food and drink.

Then it stopped. No snow just cold. One day. Two days. No snow. Then just when we all thought we were free and clear of the white stuff, a flake falls on New Years Eve. Then another and another until once again we were facing a evening of old movies, roaring fires, great conversation and of course food and drink! Waking up to a New Year, the Quay woke up to a now familiar view of white.

Ice Flows On The Fraser River [Photo: Crosty] [Photo: Crosty]

To complete the wintry scene that Nature had made of the Quay, the mighty Fraser River flowed arduously past the snow covered boardwalk due to ice flows. To be sure, it is not a common sight to see ice of any sort on the Fraser, so when one looked out of their condo to the river on News Year Day, they simply turned to their coffee machines, filled up, fluffed up the couch cushions and settled in for another day of family fun.

Nature did its part in providing the Quay (and many other parts of the lower mainland) with a white Christmas and New Year. It was an uncommon way for New West to close an old year and start a new one, and it is quite certain that most Quay citizens would not like to see it repeated on a regular basis.

But this one time – Winter was a beautiful sight to behold.

Fraser River 2013 [Photo: Archie Miller Twitter][Photo: Archie Miller Twitter]
[Vid: STCcreatives.com]