BREAK IN ALERT: Bicycles Targeted in Latest Hit

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On Saturday, February 11th, we had a break-in into our lower parkade (Tower I) and several bikes and bike parts stolen between midnight and 4 am, most of the activity was observed after 3 am.

We have reviewed the security tapes. The bikes were stolen between 12 and 4 am in the morning; at least two people were involved. They used multiple exits. No doors were damaged. About 6-8 bikes were stolen. Those who had only locked their tires to the bike racks – well the good news is that the tires are still there. Please use heavy duty locks and have them go through the frames.

There are other reports along the Quay of this occurring in the last few days. Police need all the information they can get. The police officer also recommends that you take lots of photos of your bikes and the serial numbers so you can have it if needed (like now!)

We also noted in the videos, two cars coming an going during this ordeal. One DID NOT wait for the gates to close.

PLEASE WAIT FOR GATE TO CLOSE! (see attached video below). The video below is an example of how easy it is to get in when we drive into or away from the gates.

If you see anything suspicious please contact your New West Police or email the Block Watch office at [Constable Sandra Tehennepe 301] or call 604-529-2446.

Finally, please communicate with your neighbours.

Alert provided to QCB by Block Watch Captain, Mike Hoyer, Tower 1 Saturday 8:45 pm

NEW WEST RECORD Article published Feb 23, 2017

Here is the text of the article by CAYLEY DOBIE

A recent spate of bicycle thefts in the Quayside neighbourhood has police reminding the public to protect their rides.
In the few days leading up to Family Day, there were three bikes stolen along Quayside Drive, including two on Feb. 11 alone. In light of this surge, the New Westminster Police Department is asking residents in the area to take care when securing their bicycles.
To better protect them, residents are reminded to lock bikes with two locks, including a U-lock and a cable lock, if possible. If only using one lock, make sure it’s a U-lock, according to police.
Bicycles should be locked to secure structures or in a bike room, cage or locker, and be sure to record the serial number in case it’s ever stolen.
Police recommend registering any bike with 529 Garage, a free registry that helps police recover it in the event of a theft.