GORDON LEE & LESTER FURLONG: You will be missed

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The QCB would like to take a moment to thank two past board members, GORDON LEE and LESTER FURLONG for their outstanding contributions to the betterment of life at the Quay. It was with great sadness that the QCB learned of the passing of these two fine gentlemen over the 2016 holiday season.

Together as a couple for 47 years, Gord and Les also were instrumental in the founding of the QCB. It was their generousity and conviction for the QCB, that they arranged for the QCB to host their monthly board meetings in their building’s meeting room. If not for these two people, the QCB would not have such a convenient and reliable place to conduct our meetings over these many years.

What really pulled at our heart strings was the fact that Gord past away only two days after Les. Les passed on December 13th and Gord on the 15th. So on behalf of the QCB, we would like to take this moment in time to remember two great people and two model citizens of the Quay and New West.