MEDIA: Why is city ignoring Quayside’s needs?

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Questions regarding the lack of services and amenities in the Quayside Community (Community Centre and Bus Shelters to name a few of the more popular ones) have prevailed for over a decade – if not longer. As you can see from the post below, the disappointment with a lack of basic services provided to other communities in New West continues. One has to ask…

Why is city ignoring Quayside’s needs?

Dear Editor:

Why has The City of New Westminster turned it’s back on the Quayside community? It seems that our folks at city hall have decided that the community at Quayside doesn’t exist.

They have no problem collecting taxes from the residents of this community but are loath to address basic community needs.

The mayor has said they have no intention of cleaning up the trash dumped off the McInnis Overpass on a daily basis. Break-and-enters are rampant, yet no increased police presence. Off-leash dog bylaws are not enforced. Requests for much needed bus shelters and improved pedestrian crossings have been turned down. The wooden boardwalk is deteriorating to the point of becoming a safety hazard. And the accumulation of sand and gravel from winter snow removal along the esplanade has been left behind despite repeated requests to have it removed.

It appears the city is quite eager to approve massive huge developments in the area but has no intention of addressing the needs of the current residents of the community.

I remember Jonathan Cote coming to my door asking for my vote. Hmm, seems like our community only matters during an election year.

Cole Barry, New Westminster