NEWS: No Space for MakerSpace New West

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Founding Member Looks For Others To Take The Reins

[We want to thank Elk for trying to get this project off the ground. We wish the results of his efforts were different but appreciate all his efforts.- QCB]

[Aug 6, 2017]

To the friends of MakerSpaceWest:

It is time for me to say goodbye!

I started this project about 18 months ago because I needed a workspace and I thought many New West residents did too. Unfortunately, after a lot of work I was unable to attract enough interest to make the makerspace in New Westminster viable.To pay the rent, electricity, insurance, tools and many other things, a membership of at least 50 is required. We never graduated past 20.

Efforts to secure low cost rental premises through the city, corporations or other organizations failed, although I received many complimentary comments and words of encouragement along the way.

I invested a lot of time and money to make MakerSpaceWest work and it is now time for me to bow out. If one or some of you, want to continue on, I am happy to hand over all information and property collected. I will help any way I can and hope to become an active member of MakerSpaceWest when it is operational.

I am renting a locker (5′ x 8′) in Queensborough at $125/month. There I keep the tools, office furnishings and computers I have collected. I need to dispose of all equipment there as I will vacate this locker at the end of this month (August). A corner in a basement or garage would save the monthly rental expense.

Anyone interested in carrying on, please email me at by August 25th.

Cheers, Elk