TRANSIT: Quayside Drive Now Has ‘ONE’ Bus Shelter

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Finally! We have β€˜ONE’ bus stop. One stop, for an estimated 5000 residents living in the Quay. The QCB has actively been pursuing the installation of bus stop(s) along Quayside Drive for it was established in 2004 – that is 14 years!

While transit users are grateful for any shelter during the rainy winter months [the hot summer months as well] – one stop is a surprising frugal solution to the need for at least two more along the Drive.

At one point in time, the QCB offered to contribute financially to the installation of a shelter but it was never pursued by the officials responsible for shelter installations. It is great to see the shelter installed and it is aesthetically pleasing as well.

The QCB encourages all residents to contact their council members and city staff to have more installed to service the real needs of the 5000 residents who reside in the Quay.