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Summer is here and with the nice weather the number of dogs and owners increase in number on the Quay Promenade/Boardwalk. The Quay and area is a ‘dog-friendly’ community but every year a few owners forget that owning a dog comes with responsibilities such as picking up after their pet has relieved itself on the grass or walkway.

The QCB asked that all pet owners be responsible and help keep the Quay a dog-friendly enviroment. We have a lot of children playing on the Promenade/Boardwalk and we do not want them encountering unhealthy deposits left by owners.

To help owners remember to pick-up-the-poo the city has come up with a ‘Chance to Win’ opportunity. Snap a pic of you with your pooch and extra dog poop bags and tag it in Twitter/Instagram #doodiligence for your chance to win a doggie gift bag.