QCB: SPEED BUMPS..a Temporary Measure?

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It seemed too many who live at the Quay, multiple speed bumps on Quayside Drive appeared overnight. While most (including cyclists) think they need to go, there are some who believe they should remain and others who believe that the City of New West will take advantage of Metro Vancouver putting these in place and keep them there permanently. Only the months ahead will determine which of these will end up the truth.

Meanwhile, the QCB contacted METRO VANCOUVER (who put these speed deterrents in place) to find out the 5 W’s of why they were placed on Quayside Drive.

Hello QCB,

Thanks for reaching out. The speed bumps were a recommendation from our traffic consultant but we didn’t have the traffic plan finalized until our contractor was hired in March. Ultimately it is up to them to follow our recommendation but they can propose other options to manage traffic flow. The speed bump installation was confirmed once the contractor was hired.

The speed bumps were put in place to discourage traffic from by-passing our detour route up Begbie Street to Columbia Street. With support from the City, we were encouraged to have traffic calming measures in place during construction. The speed bumps are temporary and will be removed once construction is complete.

Street signage has now been posted to make drivers and pedestrians aware of their purpose, and to provide a contact number for our Community Liaison Officer if they have any questions. A letter was also issued in April to all residents and businesses south of the train tracks (the Quayside community) to explain their purpose.

Attached are some photos taken on May 2, 2018 and below is an image of the road signage.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or Jeni Vlahovic, our Community Liaison Officer (604-432-6200) if you have any further questions.

Tanya Melanson
Communication and Education Coordinator, Public Involvement
Liquid Waste Services
t. 604-432-6202

CYCLISTS ALERT: The Speed Bump located at the entrance to the Quayside Park has an unexpectedly high edge around a Man-hole-cover and can cause unexpected consequences if not paying attention.

PHOTOS: Metro Vancouver