QCB: Do You Want Permit Parking On Quayside Dr…Some Do!

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A Resident of Anchor Point has proposed that permit parking be required on Quayside Drive. However, there are other voices opposed to paying the city yet another ‘tax’ to park.

Should it be a Petition or Survey – or leave it as it is – FREE? Have your say.

The QCB would like to hear from residents on this issue. You are welcome to email your opinions to info@quaysideboard.com. You can also comment below this post via facebook. We will collect your communications and will inform you once a decision is made to have a survey or petition circulated or nothing at all.

Below is a SAMPLE ONLY of what the resident has proposed for wording on a petition. The QCB has not taken a position on Permit Parking and would like to hear from residents to guage the Quay’s position on this going forward.


“We the residents of the Quayside neighborhood would like to request the City of New Westminster convert the current and future street parking along Quayside Drive (between McInnes overpass and 3rd Ave overpass), including intersecting streets of k de k Court, Reliance Court, Laguna Court and Renaissance Court, to residential and residential visitor permit parking.

This would include the buildings along these streets.

The permits would be acquired within the city’s current process of purchase at City Hall with proof of residence. Enforcement would be covered under current City bylaw.

We would also like each building strata to have the ability to convert one spot to a disabled permit parking or care aide parking, as their Strata Council and residents of their building would determine.

By signing this petition I confirm I am a resident of Quayside Drive, K de k court, Renaissance court, Laguna court and Reliance Court and support the conversion to residential permit parking.”