QCB: Pets Restricted by Weight Not Behaviour – One Residents Fight To Change Attitudes

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There is little doubt that the majority of dogs seen on the Quay today are what one might term as ‘pocket pooches’. While many are small and adorable, some come with an attitude the size of a lion. You don’t see many larger breeds anymore such as Labs and a resident has recently discovered the possible reason why – restrictions by strata’s.

Understanding pet ownership is a sensitive discussion, a resident has submitted some thoughts on how to better ascertain whether a dog – big or small – would make for a good ‘resident’ of a building. Rather then base a pet’s acceptance on their size alone, perhaps strata’s should be looking at their behaviour and training as a more accurate indicator.

As these resident points out, we don’t stop people from buying condos at the Quay because of their weight, why then is this the litmus test for dogs? We thought it might be a good discussion to have as the Quay is a well known dog-lovers environment. You can voice your thoughts (politely please) via facebook here or visit our blog spot to have your say. Access the blog here.

Here is the resident’s ‘Letter to the Editor’ to open the discussion [CLICK HERE]