QCB: ‘The Trains Were First’ Lame Comment

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On August 3rd, Maureen Albanese wrote to the Editor of the New West Record the following email in response to a letter to the editor penned by a Steve Mcnamee on August 2nd, 2018

Letter to Editor
Re Steve Mcnamee August 2,2018, sadly the lame old story ‘the trains were there first’.

This is an issue all over North America; https://railandreason.com/noise-and-health/ (as well as most of the world; https://noisevibrationactiongroup.wordpress.com/) mostly because old industrial areas have changed to residential.

I like the trains and are well aware there is more noise in the summer with the windows open but we have tried working with the railways to reduce ‘excess’ noise especially at night.


Most cities have noise bylaws but transportation is Federal. The CTA do monitor the noise levels; https://www.otc-cta.gc.ca/eng/railway_noise_measurement

I have no problem with idling for 10, 15 minutes but a hour at night is excessive and even the railway knows it is polluting and wasting fuel. So I made my first complaint.

Most newer train engines have ‘smart start’ http://www.ztr.com/product-service/smartstart-iie , which means they automatically shut off after a short period of time, a benefit to all.

Maureen Albanese
Quayside resident & QCB Treasurer