CITY: Speed Bumps Stay | Carnarvon One-Way

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DOWNTOWN TRANSPORTATION PLAN Workshop #2 Summary Report indicates retention of Speed Bumps on Quayside Drive | Make Carnarvon one-way

Workshop #2 was held on June 19.2017 from 6-8pm at the Anvil Centre. Seventy five participants attended, 69 registered in advance and 19 at the door. While there were many discussions about the overall area, the QCB thought it would highlight two items that will have an impact – perhaps a significant one – on transportation in and out of the Quayside area.

Questions regarding Quayside Drive:

Q1 BIKE ROUTES: Quayside Drive has a fragmented shared-street bike facility. Should this become a dedicated bike route along its full length, recognizing that it will likely be share-road facility, or should the Riverfront be utilized as the key corridor for the area? 30% said to expand / enhance existing route along Quayside Drive. 34% said utilize Riverfront route, remove route along Quayside Drive.

Q2 SPEED BUMPS: Traffic Calming Measure provides these comments:
Quayside Drive: Support to maintain speed bumps/traffic calming on Quayside Drive, suggestions for time restricted and permit only parking. Concerns that access keeps getting more restricted, parking being used as a park-n-ride for transit users.

Q3 ONE WAY: Recognizing the functional pressures on Carnarvon Street (McInnes Overpass to 8th St), what is your position on modifying this block to become a one-way vehicle movement?

Feedback indicated a high level of support (65%) for making portions of Carnarvon St, between 8th and McInnes one-way for vehicles say rat-running and such activities would be reduced.

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