METRO VANCOUVER: Major Water Supply Tunnel Construction Set For Quay In 2020

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Metro Vancouver is constructing a new water supply tunnel called the Annacis Water Supply Tunnel deep under the Fraser River, between the City of New Westminster and the City of Surrey.

The tunnel will be one of five new water supply tunnel crossings in the region built to withstand a major earthquake. Once complete, the new tunnel will be connected to the region’s drinking water system and will help ensure the continued, reliable delivery of clean, safe drinking water in a growing region.

This new water supply tunnel will be excavated deep underground using a tunnel-boring machine (TBM). The TBM will launch from a vertical entry shaft on the Surrey side and progress north under the Fraser River to the vertical exit shaft on the New Westminster side.

Once the tunnel is drilled, a steel water main will be installed inside the new tunnel and connected to underground valve chambers at each shaft site, connecting it to the region’s drinking water system.