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Reply from SRY Rail Jan 21st 2019

It was assumed that once the rail signal with arms was working on Quayside Drive, that the incessant whistle blowing would stop as trains cross the Drive. Many have asked way this is and we have found out the answer for you. We reached out to SRY Rail who operated the train which crosses at this crossing and this is their reply.

“Regarding the Quayside Drive Crossing, there are regulatory requirements that must be satisfied before trains can stop whistling at a public crossing. The City of New Westminster and SRY have been working together on satisfying these regulatory requirements and performing other work in order to be granted whistle cessation. Since installation of the automatic crossing protection was completed in November 2018, the provincial railway safety regulator has been in the process of reviewing the crossing for compliance with regulatory requirements. The regulator has not yet approved the crossing for whistle cessation. In the meantime, trains are required to whistle. For updated information you can visit the City’s website at www.newwestcity.ca/transportation/trains.”