QCB: Crossing Makes Rail Noise Worse!

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Ever since the City and Rail companies have installed the new rail crossing with signals and arms on Quayside Drive, residents expected the sound of train horns would have stopped – but in fact the opposite appears to have happened.

An increasing number of residents say the noise has not only increased but is fast approaching intolerable with the noise continuing to 2am and 5am in the morning.

While, a growing number of complaints have landed on the desks of councillors and city staff alike from nearby strata’s such the Q – Maureen Albanese, QCB Treasurer, Rail Committee Observer and Laguna Court owner, has taken it upon herself to provide a brief explanation of how the Quay finds itself in such a position as the increased rail noise.

“I am on the Quayside Board and receive a copy of the ‘rail noise’ complaints. One of the reasons that you are hearing the night whistling is before the bars were installed a trainman would come from the office (on the other side of the Queensborough Bridge) to throw the switch for the northwest bound train and because there was little or no traffic he would stand in the intersection so the train did not whistle. They have stopped doing that. For some reason the excuse is that the new lights and bars have not been signed off by the regulators to stop the whistling. I would be interested to know if you get a reply from the city (they spent big bucks for the bars and lights) or from the railway.” QCB Maureen Albanese

Have an issue with the rail noise and want to take action – please contact railnoise@quayisdeboard.com