CITY: 3 Public Spaces for 660 Quayside Development

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Westminster Pier Park has brought a wide range of activities and events to the riverfront adjacent to downtown. Through a new development of two highrise residential towers at 660 Quayside Drive, the City has taken the opportunity to expand the park to the west with three new park spaces.This park design process offers the chance to consider adding park facilities and amenities that are missing in the existing park or expanding areas that are well appreciated and heavily used as the downtown population grows. It is an opportunity to be creative with new ideas for events and activities — perhaps a place where fun and engaging experiences from parks visited in other cities can find their expression on the Riverfront.

PUBLIC SPACE A: Public Plaza at Quayside Drive

The City has lead the design and implementation of a section of park along the river that fronts an arrival area between the 660 Quayside Drive development and the Fraser River Discovery Centre.

PUBLIC SPACE B: Public Park between two towers

The park site between the two 660 Quayside Drive towers will become one of the new public park spaces along the riverfront, designed to provide places to sit, sun, people-watch and enjoy a variety of activities compatible with nearby residential uses.

PUBLIC SPACE C: Westward expansion

The largest of the three park spaces extends from the existing Westminster Pier Park westward to the 660 Quayside Drive development site and will integrate an extension of the riverfront promenade. The park design will incorporate emergency parking exists and a service route to the existing park, but is large enough to consider a wide range of park design and programming features.

Please note that these are all ‘proposed’ concepts and are ‘artist renderings’ and date from 2018. You can access all three OPEN HOUSE REPORTS & CITY MASTER PLAN here.