QCB: Welcomes River Sky 1 & 2 As New Members

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The QCB is glad to welcome two new strata developments by Bosa Properties as new members: River Sky 1 and River Sky 2.  Johnson Ng will be the active delegate on the Quayside Community Board for River Sky 2 which houses 234 units and Belinda Larsen who will be the QCB delegate for River Sky 1 with 285 units. 

With the total of 519 units, these two strata are a welcome addition to our community of QUAYSIDE.  Rumour has it that our Mayor of New Westminster, Johnathon Coté and his lovely family reside in one of these magnificent towers thereby making him [them] a member of the QCB! 

A warm welcome to both strata’s and residents!  Each unit, and thus occupant are members of the QCB.