January 23, 2017

Quayside Community Board President VICKIE TURVEY has announced the line up for the 2017 AGM. As in past years the presenters are current and on-trend with the issues facing the Quay community. We encourage all who live in the Quayside area to attend and learn more about your community and city.


New Westminster Fire Chief: TIM ARMSTRONG
Topic: Evacuation Preparedness

At 10am on September 26th in 2016 the morning air was filled with Fire Sirens and Emergency vehicles as the city’s emergency preparedness professionals converged on the Quayside Community to tend a hazardous spill on the rail tracks. This spill threatened the welfare of the residents of two Quayside buildings…okay it was an organized drill and all made up…but it could really happen. With 60 area residents participating in this drill (out of a possible 4500+), it is clear that being prepared for an emergency is something we should take a little more serious. Fire Chief TIM ARMSTRONG thinks so too. Chief Armstong will talk on what it takes to be prepared in the event of an emergency. [PHOTO: City New West]

New Westminster Councillor: JAMIE McEVOY
TOPICS: Q2Q Crossing, Poplar Landing & Quayside Park

Crossing the Fraser River to join Queensborough with the mainland of New West via Quayside is a major topic of interest within the Quayside community. In 2016, the city tried to promote a bridge crossing which collapsed as a viable solution. Today, after much encouragement from Quayside residents, the city is looking into the feasibility of a ferry system between the two areas. Mr. McEvoy will discuss how the city has allocated half a million dollars to explore a ferry crossing.Poplar Landing (the space between The Rialto and the Krueger plant) is scheduled for development. Everything from social housing, co-ops, mixed market residential condos and townhouses has been bandied about. Councillor McEvoy will share the city’s vision for this last green space in the Quay.As many families with children know, the city is in the final stage re-designing the one and only park located in the Quay catchment. Councillor McEvoy will talk to the design of this important family friendly space.
[PHOTO: City New West](ED NOTE: Wed. Jan. 25 is last time for you to have your say – see poster below)

New Westminster Senior Services: BRIAN DODD Executive Director
TOPIC: Coldest Night Of The Year (Fund Raising Event)

Did you know that nearly 200 Seniors in this area are at threat of being homeless? Did you also know that over 2000 seniors avail themselves of the services of Senior Service – EACH MONTH? This is why BRIAN DODD will be at the AGM to inform you of their important fundraiser The Coldest Night of the Year! Their goal is $45,000 for this the 3rd annual.
[PHOTO: Senior Services]

New Westminster BOSA Developments: Representative
TOPIC: The New Waterfront Proposal

For those who visit the QCB site regularily will have read our Feature ‘Bosa Developments Has 52 Story Vision For Larco Waterfront‘ . BOSA will be on hand to inform audience members of the developments progress coupled with their goals and objectives.

As with every QCB AGM, there will be other community related activities or information areas.

The QCB will offer Executive reports and will appoint the new 2017 Board of Directors and Executive.

The QCB AGM has a long tradition of a good audience, informative speakers and community groups. All Quayside Residents are invited to attend.