The crumbling parking lot that has scarred the waterfront area for decades is finally coming to a close. The Larco properties, situated between the Fraser River Discovery Centre and the Pier Park, has recently been sold to BOSA DEVELOPMENTS. It is the intent of both the new owner and City Hall, that this will be a mix use of residential/commercial towers with attention paid to both park and boardwalk/esplanade components.

It is welcome news to the Quayside Community as the property has been in a serious state of deterioration in what was once a part of the Quayside catchment area. Today, the City has redrawn the map reducing the Quay catchment in favour of the Downtown area. Until recently, the Quayside officially extended to the Pattullo bridge while the Downtown extended to the north side of the rail tracks. It is presumed the city did this in order that towers reaching upwards of 45 stories could be built on the waterfront.

Back in January 13, 2014, staff presented council with a COMPREHENSIVE DEVELOPMENT MASTER PLAN for the 660 Quayside Drive site. The original vision was for four or five towers and at one time it was thought that one of those towers would be a hotel. In 2014, the city completed the re-zoning of this site to include residential,, commercial and high density development.

Today, BOSA DEVELOPMENTS considers that a two towers may be the way to go, with a separate building designed specifically for yet another restaurant and a much need day care facilty. BOSA has also agreed to contribute to the park and esplandade, as well as address the issue of parking.

So, for those living in the Quay that thought the pylon driving was going to end anytime soon – we are reticent to inform you that we are likely to hear that banging of metal on metal for a few more years to come. With the current BOSA PROPERTIES and DEGLEDER sites in progress; being immediately followed by the BOSA Larco property – peace at the Quay might be a hard thing to find. But once complete, the wait will likely have been worth the effort and discomfort.

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