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Welcome to Your Quayside Community Board.

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The QUAYSIDE COMMUNITY BOARD (QCB) is comprised of one delegate and one alternate from all eighteen residential buildings in the geographical location known as 'The Quayside' in New Westminster, BC, Canada. The Quayside [Key-side] Community Board is a dedicated group of members representing just over 2200 units and an estimated 4500 plus individual residents in this close-knit community. QUAYSIDE is a jewel on the Fraser River and the board is dedicated to keeping it as such. Meeting on the last Wednesday of each month, this board works on issues and matters related to the well-being of their community. In addition, the board works with local and surrounding businesses to ensure that the members of the overall community continue to live in an area that is clean, safe, managed and above all enjoyable.

The Quayside Community Board is devoted to: Representing Residents, Community Issues, Assisting Strata Corporations, Housing Cooperatives and Community Planning for the Quayside area. The Quayside Community Board


New Rail Signal Crossing Arms Causing Concern For Resident’s

Web Editor Note: There has been numerous emails back and forth between Quay Resident’s, City staff and Council, as well as, lawyers from Southern Railway of BC – on multiple rail issues. While we have highlighted some of these regarding noise and vibration – the installation of a new rail crossing light/arms across Quayside Drive has created a number of new concerns. As these emails are too numerous to edit and with respect to resident’s privacy for resident’s, we have decided to put only the detailed reply of city staff Roger Emanuels: Manager, Design & Construction on-line to provide insight to this matter. You will be able to get a clear picture of what correspondence has taken place to warrant this reply

” Good afternoon,

Please excuse the delay in responding to your e-mail submitted on September 4th with respect to the installation of rail crossing equipment at the Quayside Drive and Laguna Court at-grade crossing.

First, I would like to provide you with some background on rail operations in the Quayside area and provide details on how the City began the Citywide Whistle Cessation initiative. The rail yards adjacent to the Quay are pre-date residential development and have been in operation for many decades. The specific line that you are inquiring on is operated by Southern Railway of BC (SRY). Note that this spur serves many customers in Queensborough and Annacis Island.

On July 4, 2008, the Quayside Community Board (QCB) filed a complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency against the Canadian National Railway Company (CN), Canadian Pacific Railway Company (CP), the Burlington North Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) and SRY which concerned noise and vibration as a result of the operations at the New Westminster Yard. Through mediation an agreement was reached between all parties and noise, vibration and emissions were to be mitigated. In addition to these concerns the QCB and other City neighbourhoods raised concerns of train whistling. To date, we have successfully attained cessation at two of the downtown crossings and partial cessation at the Twentieth Street crossing.

City wide whistle cessation is a priority for City Council to address community livability and staff have attended QCB meetings over the years. Most recently, an update on the installation of the rail equipment was presented at the June 27th QCB meeting [QCB NOTE: According to our records this did not happen]. In addition, City Staff met with the Strata on June 5th, 2018 to discuss the installation of the crossing equipment [QCB NOTE: According to our records discussions were restricted to fibre optics and landscaping]. Many residents expressed their support for the installation of the rail equipment in order to attain whistle cessation at the crossing.

You are correct that the equipment includes an audible component. However, while there will be bells attached to the flashing signals and gates at the crossing this will prevent the train operators from having to blow their whistle. In addition,

Emergency services have been advised of the addition of the flashing lights, bells and gates that are currently being installed at this location. Similar to events when a train is on the track upon their arrival, they will re-route accordingly. In addition, space has been left in order to ensure that emergency vehicles can maneuver around the gates. It should be noted that SRY has stated that they are not prepared to continue with the current operation where they manually flag the crossing.

With respect to eliminating the use of the rail bridge I would direct you to SRY’s Director of Corporate Affairs and Legal Services, who is cc’d on this e-mail chain. She will be able to provide commentary on the feasibility and impacts to operations with the rerouting of trains from the rail bridge. [QCB NOTE: We have this letter on file but due to privacy concerns we will not publish it]

I hope that this addresses your concerns and I thank you for showing your interest in the City’s Whistle Cessation Initiative. If you would like more information you can view the City’s webpage at www.newwestcity.ca/transportation/trains or feel free to contact me.

Roger Emanuels, A.Sc.T. | Manager, Design and Construction
T 604.527.4540 | E remanuels@newwestcity.ca

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Strata’s Encouraged To Sign-Up

This update has been provided by Blair Fryer, MPA | Manager of Economic Development, Communications & Public Engagement

We have seen, and heard, the saws cutting the pavement from one end of the Quay to the other. This was for the installation of the ‘dark fibre optics’ to the Quay’s high density areas.

Mr. Fryer has provide us with this update: “BridgeNet is the City’s dark fibre network currently being installed connecting commercial districts and hi-density areas throughout New Westminster. With fibre now available in Quayside, stratas interested in exploring fibre options to their building/s should connect with one of the seven internet service providers (ISPs) listed on the BridgeNet website. Each of these ISPs has signed an access agreement with us to lease dark fibre in order to provide service to multiple dwelling units and commercial businesses. The BridgeNet website with all of the essential information can be found here: www.bridgenetnw.ca

Mr. Fryer adds this descriptor regarding the City’s investment into the digital economy:
“The City is investing in the digital economy with BridgeNet, a high-speed fibre network stretching from one end of the city to the other. Connecting commercial districts and to many of New Westminster’s multiple unit residential buildings, BridgeNet provides greater access to high-speed internet services by facilitating a broader range of choice of Internet Service Providers. Through BridgeNet, New Westminster aims to attract more innovative companies and knowledge workers to the city and provide existing businesses with a competitive advantage in today’s digital economy. “

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