QCB: RAIL POLLUTION: One Residents Fight To Reduce Pollution from trains

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Quay resident Monica Nugent has taken on the campaign to reduce pollution caused by trains – specifically those of South Western as they travel across the bridge between the Quay and Queensborough. If you support her efforts you are welcome to lend your voice to hers but emailing your local, provincial and federal governments. cpuchmayr@newwestcity.ca, jcote@newwestcity.ca, Mark Allison , peter.julian@parl.gc.ca, … Read More

CITY: New West 2017 Annual Report

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From the Mayor of New Westminster ACCESS 2017 NEW WEST ANNUAL CITY REPORT HERE Good afternoon, On behalf of City Council and staff, I have the pleasure of sending you New Westminster’s 2017 Annual Report. I encourage you to take a moment to review our annual report, which highlights the work that was accomplished in New Westminster last year. Council … Read More

QCB: Quayside Park Message Board Available

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This message board is provided by the City of New Westminster and administered by the Quayside Community Board [QCB] to provide a medium for New Westminster community groups to communicate community events, community notices and information to other residents.

CITY: Power Washing of Boardwalk Railings Begins

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From City Staff: Dylan Myers | Coordinator, Parks & Open Space Maintenance Starting May 29th 2018, we will be power washing the waterfront railings at the Quay. This process should take multiple weeks and we will be starting from the west side of the boardwalk (Rialto Crt) and make our way east. One of my goals is to increase communication … Read More

QCB: Invitation to Official Open June 6th @ 4pm

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A site adjacent to the railway swing bridge was therefore secured, and a playground designed with a whimsical nautical theme to reflect the site’s location adjacent to the Fraser River was built in 1988. The financing of this $125,000 project required a partnership between the City of New Westminster, the Fraser River Harbour Commission, B.C. Parkway and First Capital City … Read More

QCB: City Runs Q2Q Ferry 7 Days A Week

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Dear QtoQ Ferry Stakeholder, We are pleased to announce that the QtoQ Ferry will launch on Saturday, May 19th! The service will operate 7 days a week. Information about the service including frequency, duration, ticketing, accessibility and more can be found on the website at www.newwestcity.ca/qtoqferry Further details can be found in the May 7, 2018 Council Report (consent item … Read More

QCB: High Water Images by Resident May 18th

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These images show the same area – the top image is a close up. Taken from the Boardwalk they show the stone and wood channel dividers nearly submerged. At low tide, you can see nearly 8 ft below this line. At high tide at least 3 or 4 feet are often visible. The image above shows Queensborough’s rocky shoreline nearly … Read More