The Quayside Community has been around to over 35 years. It was originally an industrial area.

1946_new-westminster-dockPHOTO: Circa 1940

The original majority of buyers into the high concentration of condos were retirees who gave up the big house life for easy living on the Fraser River. Today, the Quay continues to attract both young and old alike and the City and Provincial government’s continue to maximize land use with continual development in the area. The last building completed at the Quay was the ‘Q’, with more in the years to follow.

The first Residents’’ Association was formed in the early 2000’s. This organization was known as the Quayside Community Residents’’ Association (QCRA). Due to lack of participation, the group disbanded and a new residents’ organization was formed. Called the Quayside Community Board, this active group was made up of both paid residential membership and representation from each building through the elected strata. What makes the Quay unique is there are only condos and coops with no family housing; so a new form of RA had to be created to represent all stakeholders in the Quay area.

quay-develope-1980PHOTO: Circa 1980

Founding President of the QCB was LARRY WIDEN in 2004 followed by BRUCE CAMPBELL. JAMES CROSTY, PENNY McIVOR, VICKIE TURVEY and ROBIN HOWARD serving as President in 2021. The QCB meets monthly with elected representatives from each of the 20 building [100%] in the community. The QCB is a well known community group and has a reputation for producing significant events, being community active and producing popular and informative AGM’s.

QUAY 1&2
PHOTO: Circe 2010

PHOTOS: Maureen Albanese