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We regret to inform Quayside residents there are no meetings currently scheduled due to Covid-19 protocols. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have questions or comments, please send them to info@quaysideboard.com.

Welcome to Your Quayside Community Board.

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The QUAYSIDE COMMUNITY BOARD (QCB) is comprised of one delegate and one alternate from all eighteen residential buildings in the geographical location known as 'The Quayside' in New Westminster, BC, Canada. The Quayside [Key-side] Community Board is a dedicated group of members representing just over 3400 units and an estimated 10,000 plus individual residents in this close-knit community. QUAYSIDE is a jewel on the Fraser River and the board is dedicated to keeping it as such. Meeting on the last Wednesday of each month, this board works on issues and matters related to the well-being of their community. In addition, the board works with local and surrounding businesses to ensure that the members of the overall community continue to live in an area that is clean, safe, managed and above all enjoyable.

The Quayside Community Board is devoted to: Representing Residents, Community Issues, Assisting Strata Corporations, Housing Cooperatives and Community Planning for the Quayside area. Please note: Everyone who resides in the Quayside community are members of the QCB through your strata and are welcome to attend this AGM The Quayside Community Board


Two Years & We Are Still Railing From Rail Noise!

It has been two years since the installation of crossing-arms on Quayside Drive near the entrance of Languna Court tower, to eliminate the need for trains to blow their whistles when crossing Quayside Drive on their way to and from Queensborough. Yet, today the whistles continue, there is no sign of the City formed rail committee [disbanded by the Chair of the Rail Committee Councillor Chuck Puckmayr without seeing this issue resolved] and residents are now plagued with both train whistles and the sounds of cross arm bells when a train crosses the drive.

Even with multiple thousands of dollars spent for crossing arms with loud bells, parking negatively impacted, new fencing or guard rails, new sidewalks, cut trees and every other mitigating measure taken to comply with what needs to take place to stop the rail noise – nothing has happened! In fact, it is worse then ever before. Who is in charge to get this project complete – apparently no one? Without a Rail Committee, Quay residents have no one fighting in their corner to see this project to its completion – so it languished in no-persons-land while the Quay community continues to suffer from unnecessary noise.

Adding further to the Quay frustration over the SRY and CN rail noise, Quay residents were treated to highly irritating noise caused by Skytrain. While the Skytrain issue was dealt with quite rapidly [READ HERE: Mayor Jonathon’s and chair of Translink’s ‘Skytrain’ reply | July 21, 2020 | also | Michel Ladrak, president and general manager, BC Rapid Transit Company | July 2020], we are left apparently on our own to deal with continued with rail noise and whistles.

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Here are a few comments from those awake in the early mornings due to rail noise [Due to the Privacy Act no name published | emails on file]:

… At this time I want to bring your attention to the fact that the train coming across the river to the Quay area recently is blowing its whistle multiple times every time crossing over here, even though there is an armed crossing over Quayside drive. My understanding is that these armed crossings with the flashing lights and arms do not require the whistle to be blown. I have called the number for train noise and left a message with similar information and hope to hear from them soon. I did see in our strata minutes awhile back that they were honking the horn due to the fact that some trees/bushes were obstructing the view, but I would assume that this trimming has been completed by now. The train noise is sadly a fact of life here on the Quay and I am sure heard throughout a lot of New Westminster, but I feel, unnecessary noise is just another form of pollution we should try to minimize where possible.…DF | July 16 2020

…” I’m wondering if you might know why the trains are still blowing their horns at the Quayside Drive crossing? The train horns were never really a big issue for me but someone…the railway or the city… has spent a pile of money installing a complex crossing system on the street yet the horns are still blowing. I had read somewhere that the work on the crossing wasn’t finished but that was months ago and they have done more work since then. Flashing lights, bells, arms, new fencing, hedge trimming etc. isn’t enough to warn cars and people that a train is coming? | Any idea why the horns are still blowing?…” MS | June 24 2020 [CLICK HERE_Emily Mak | Director, Corporate Affairs and Legal Services | Southern Railway of British Columbia Limited sent the QCB the following response June 24, 2020]

…”It’s 4:23AM and the train currently outside has been “bumping” for well over an hour now. They drive forward 4-5 car lengths, stop, then drive backward 4-5 car lengths, stop, then forward again. The result has been a constant series of bangs that has lasted for over an hour and a half. We had a similar issue last night. I’ve lived on the Quay for over three years and can’t remember another time when the bumping has been so continuous for so long. Are the train operators bored? What are they trying to accomplish by creeping forward and backward over and over again over such a short distance? It honestly seems intentional to me, but that might be the sleep deprivation. This is the first noise complaint that I’ve filed. I understand that they have a job to do, but the overnight noise in the last couple of days has seemed more malicious than pragmatic. Any chance that you can ask them what’s going on? …” Thanks, Resident of Quayside Dr. | December 6, 2019 ]

… “Riversky now up in arms | Hi, Residents from RiverSky (908 and 988 Quayside Drive) are also facing the same issue with rail issue. Is there anything we can do within our power to help mitigate the issue? I’m sure we can collect several signatures…” Regards, DA” | April 27. 2020 [REF ARTICLE: The New West Record ‘Construction Noise Takes Toll…]
] …Please refer to the attached magazine article. It makes reference to the railway noise issues affecting your community…” TS July 9, 2020 REF ARTICLE Click Here ‘Controlling Rail Noise’ [PDF]


This is a compilation of replies to these inquiries which briefly lays out the history and present state of this issue. If you are troubled by rail noise, we ask you to email railnoise@quaysideboard.com to access the contact list of all those stakeholders that can actually do something about this (like stop it) if they are encouraged by you to do so. Please remember to copy railnoise@quaysideboard.com.

A Response to your concerns from your Quayside Community Board

After the Quayside Board’s mediation case the City of New Westminster was to form a committee made up of the 3 railroads, CN, CP and Southern Railway as well as city staff and 2 from the city at large. As far as controlling the noise that did not take precedence, the city decided to make the City of New Westminster ‘whistle free’. There are 13 public crossings, with an 8 step process. Three are at step 2, five at step 4, two at step 6, two are complete and Quayside is at step 8. The city has since dissolved the railway committee, which the board will be looking at as to their ‘court-acknowledged’ agreement requiring a committee to be formed…

…20 years ago Quayside Drive did not have stop signs at the railway crossing by Laguna Court. When the stop signs were added it was great for the Laguna Drive residents as they now could exit safely onto Quayside Drive. Eventually the large X signs were added to warn of the railway crossing. But the resident concerns were shunting and engine idling especially at night so the Quayside Community board went to court. It ended with a ‘hand shake’ that CN would do better and the city of New Westminster would step in with a railway committee. In turn the city decided to make New Westminster whistle free. It started two years ago at Laguna Court, and now there are arms with flashing lights to stop the traffic.. A hedge came down to better the SRY sight lines from their bridge that crosses the river. Now they’ve added lane barriers on Laguna Court in order to stop the cars from going around the railway arms. This is a blow for visitors to 2 towers as there is only about 20 parking spots for 265 units on Laguna Court. Street parking – The no-parking zone has been extended on Laguna Court by the intersection. This is to facilitate some upcoming railway intersection safety improvements…

…And the trains still whistle!

CURRENT PETITIONS: Please Sign To Support Your Community

HELP THE QUAY GET A NEEDED COMMUNITY CENTRE. There is one track of land left for development in the Quayside – and we believe that nearly 5000 people deserve to have their own community centre! Did you know that the Quay represents approximately 8% of the New Westminster electorate – yet we are the only community without a community centre.
Sign the petition please….


CONDO INSURANCE: Quay Residents Takes Lead In Fight Against Outrageous Insurance Increases Details of the plight facing condo owners can be found in the following articles: READ MORE…The Vancouver Sun | BC strata’s on edge after reports of soaring insurance premiums [Feb 24, 2020] and READ MORE… New West Record | New West condo owners launch petition in response to insurance crisis [Feb 19, 2020].

CLICK HERE TO SIGN PETITION: Stop the unfair & unprecedented increase to BC strata insurance premiums

[webnote: Quay resident Ian Callaway MA, Med, RHU, BCFE strategic management approach to the Strata Property Act…offers some clarification and insight in his article published in The Schrivener: What’s in a Name? Summer 2018READ MORE HERE | Also IS THE SKY FALLING IN THE CURRENT STRATA INSURANCE MARKETPLACE? Read more here] | SUN Follow Up Access Here

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