For those buildings interested in installing EV chargers, the following is an opportunity for stratas to participate in a BCIT project and save some money on the chargers and installation. See below:

BCIT is working on a project that will demonstrate the ability to install a large amount of EVSEs (Electric Vehicle Service Equipment, referring to a charging station) into existing residential strata infrastructure that was not built with the power capacity anticipated that EV’s will need for overnight charging.

As part of this project we are looking for 3 MURBS (Multi Unit Residential Buildings) that we can work with, and what BCIT will do is…

1. Work with an electrical engineering firm to make a plan as if all the stalls will need EV charging eventually.

2. Using that plan, BCIT will purchase 6 energy managed EVSE, and related electrical components, including electrical metering.


3. Hire electricians, to install those 6 EVSE and get them operational.

In the end, the strata will have a copy of the electrical plan for extending the 6 EVSE that did get installed, so the building is set for the future, and the EVSE and related infrastructure will remain.

BCIT needs to collect the energy consumption for a period of time, (perhaps 3 – 5 years) annually to report back to the funding agency.

The strata will not be responsible for any of the hardware costs or installation costs of these 6 EVSE. Of course having 6 EVSE and nobody using them would not be a useful demonstration, but we don’t expect all 6 to be full either.

Please note, that some places were interested in using them only in the visitor spots only, and that didn’t demonstrate what we are proposing so we had to turn them down.

I hope this explains what we are doing, and you can contact me at BCIT

Kelly Carmichael,Research Associate
Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team (SMART),
British Columbia Institute of Technology
3700 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5G 3H2
T: 778.331.1327 M: 778.928.2263