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Leaves, debris, litter and even snow can block catch basins preventing rainwater from draining. The city’s catch basins serve an important role in removing excess water from our streets each time it rains. Keeping these drains clear and running at optimal capacity throughout the year is important and helps to prevent localized flooding. 

We need your help in keeping them clear!

What’s involved?

Keeping a catch basin clear is simple and easy. Throughout the year, you will be responsible for regularly clearing debris and litter from your catch basin and surrounding area using a broom, shovel or rake. 

Catch basins should be cleaned after a heavy rainfall, in the fall when trees lose their leaves, in the winter after significant snowfall, and in the spring when debris from the streets may build up.

Once you have adopted a catch basin, a link will be provided for you to report last cleaning date.

Safety Guidelines

Your safety is important. Please follow the guidelines below to safely clear your catch basin.

  • Be aware of your surroundings and stay on the sidewalk or boulevard as much as possible. Do not step out into traffic.
  • Be clearly visible to cyclists and drivers by wearing bright clothing or a safety vest.
  • Use a broom, shovel or rake to clear away materials. Always wear gloves when handling leaves and other debris. Watch for sharp or hazardous materials.
  • Place leaves in your green cart and garbage in your garbage cart. Please avoid pushing leaves and other debris into the catch basin. 
  • Never lift or remove grate from catch basin. If there is debris you can’t remove, please contact Engineering Operations. 
  • Always supervise children. 

Report Hazardous Materials

Do not attempt to move or pick up hazardous materials like needles, broken glass or deceased wildlife. Report hazardous materials to Engineering Operations at 604-526-4691 or to request further attention. 

Report Problems or Issues

If the area doesn’t drain after attempting to clear the surface of the catch basin, please report the issue to Engineering Operations at 604-526-4691 or to request further attention. 

Ready to adopt a catch basin?

Click here to select your catch basin and complete the registration form. 

For more info please follow this link