QCB: City To Make Quayside ‘DISAPPEAR!’

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PHOTO: New Westminster city map from 2041 Official Community Plan

According to the latest New Westminster ‘2041 Official Community Plan’ – the city plans to make the community of Quayside…disappear!  According to the official maps displayed in the 2041 OCP [link to entire plan here https://www.newwestcity.ca/ocp ] the city plans for the Downtown district to absorb the Quayside and therefore the entire area will be known as ‘The Downtown’.  We believe that these two areas are distinct and separate – but it speaks volumes as to why the Quay has limited amenities and has seen no forward motion on the discussion on a much needed community centre.

The community of Quayside has been in existence for over 40 years and today when you visit newwestcity.ca – the official web site for the royal city – maps indicate that the Quayside is alive and well as a unique brand of Resident’s Association.

Yet, maps displayed in the 2041 OCP clearly indicate the absorption of the Quay into the Downtown area.  The map indicates ‘DOWNTOWN (including the Quayside)’ yet does not show the Quayside as separate and distinct. This fact was brought to our attention from a group of concerned residents in Glenbrooke North, who are opposing the proposal to build a 6-story, 96 unit apartment building on Sixth Street. – which is also not in the current New West OCP [see their story and petition here https://www.ourcity2041.ca ].  They sent the QCB this information during their campaign to get RA support for their cause.

Needless to say, the QCB is surprise by this unexpected news especially given the QCB has had both a city liason and a council representative over the past decade – and yet not a word has ever been mentioned at the numerous meetings and engagements made via these persons from the City.

As this news begins to reach the residents of the Quayside – residents who are fiercely proud of their river side community – plans are in motion to engage the city about this future development plan.  It is hoped that without challenge this decision to eliminate the Quayside from New Westminster’s profile of communities will be reverse and Quayside will be allowed to continue to be proud of the community built, and contributions made, over nearly half a decade.  With nearly 7000 resident members – we still have a voice to be heard.

NOTE: The maps above also show that Victoria Hill/Ginger Drive will also be absorbed into another community…McBride Sapperton.

…stay tune for more of this development!


1 – Connaught Heights Residents Association
Mike Bohn – President

2 – West End Residents Association
Elmer Rudolph – President

3 – Moody Park Residents Association
Harry Crosby – President

4 – Glenbrooke North Residents Association
Nikki Binns – President

5 – Massey Victory Heights Residents Association
Dale Bradley, President

6 – Brow of the Hill Residents Association
Adam Theriault, President

7 – Queen’s Park Residents Association
Gail North – President

8 – Victoria Hill Ginger Drive Residents Association
Karl Moser – President

9 – McBride-Sapperton Residents Association
Gagan Sivia – President

10 – Quayside Community Board*   Robin Howard – President 

11 – Downtown Residents Association
Quentin Vandermerwe – President

12 – Queensborough Residents’ Association
Laurie David Moore – Acting President 

*Please note that the Quayside Community Board is made up of elected strata representatives from the Quayside community, representing an estimated 4500 residents.


1. Queensborough

2. Connaught Heights

3. West End

4. Moody Park

5. Brow of the Hill

6. Glenbrooke North

7. Queen’s Park

8. Massey Victory Heights

9. McBride Sapperton

D. Downtown (including Quayside)